US WoW Solo Shuffle Boost


Here you can buy Solo Shuffle Boost Carry service to obtain desired Solo Shuffle rating in Rated Solo Shuffle bracket and unlock all related rewards

You will get 150 rounds of Solo Shuffle won for your character to get Soloist title and Supreme Soloist achievement.
Adds 5-7 days to estimated boost completion time.


Account Sharing.
Our player logs in to your character and plays during the boost.

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  • You will get desired Solo Shuffle Rating boosted in rated Solo Shuffle bracket during the PvP Season
  • Depending on your earned rating you will get lots of different rewards, such as Feats of Strength achievements, unique titles and guaranteed 447+ PvE/489+ PvP item level item as a weekly reward from The Great Vault as well as item level of PvP gear from the conquest vendor upgraded and Elite Gladiator gear set pieces unlocked for purchase:
    Rank (Rating) FoS Achievement Title The Great Vault weekly reward item level Conquest Gear item level unlocked Elite Gear Set and cosmetic items unlocked
    Challenger I (1400-1599) Challenger I: Dragonflight Season 3 Challenger 447 PvE / 489 PvP item level 447 PvE / 489 PvP item level Wrists, Waist
    Challenger II (1600-1799) Challenger II: Dragonflight Season 3 450 PvE / 489 PvP item level 450 PvE / 489 PvP item level Gloves, Legs, Boots
    Rival I (1800-1949) Rival I: Dragonflight Season 3 Rival 454 PvE / 489 PvP item level 454 PvE / 489 PvP item level Head, Shoulders, Chest
    Rival II (1950-2099) Rival II: Dragonflight Season 3 457 PvE / 489 PvP item level 457 PvE / 489 PvP item level
    Duelist (2100-2399) Duelist: Dragonflight Season 3 Duelist 460 PvE / 489 PvP item level 460 PvE / 489 PvP item level Cloak, Weapon Illusion enchant
    Elite (2400+) Elite: Dragonflight Season 3 the Elite 463 PvE / 489 PvP ilvl gear 463 PvE / 489 PvP ilvl gear Verdant Gladiator’s TabardEmerald Blossom Dreamstone item
    Legend (2400+) Legend: Dragonflight Season 3 Legend 467 PvE / 489 PvP ilvl gear 467 PvE / 489 PvP ilvl gear Verdant Legend’s Pennant toy
  • You will get lots of Conquest Points and Honor Points farmed during the boost required to purchase your PvP gear from Honor and Conquest vendors


  • 70 Lvl Character.
  • 476+ item level of PvP gear depending on your goal Solo Shuffle Rating and character’s class and spec, please ask our managers on more details regarding your specific character’s gear before purchase.
  • Login and password, your account’s safety guaranteed.
  • We may ask your permit to spend some resources needed for the boost (Honor Points, Gold etc).