US WoW Arena Rating Boost


Here you can buy Arena Rating Boost Carry service to obtain desired Arena rating in 2v2 or 3v3 rated PvP Arena bracket

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  • 70 Lvl Character.
  • Certain minimum item level of PvP gear depending on your goal Arena Rating and character’s class and spec, please ask our managers on more details regarding your specific character’s gear before purchase.
  • Login and password in case of account sharing, your account’s safety guaranteed.
  • We may ask your permit to spend some resources needed for the boost (Honor Points, Gold etc).
  • Estimated Boost Start time varies and can be up to several days. Estimated Boost Time highly depends on your goal rating, please read Estimated Boost Time for more info.


Check our table to know the approximate time of your Arena Rating boost completion:

Your Goal Arena Rating 1400 (Challenger I) 1600 (Challenger II) 1800 (Rival I) 2100 (Duelist) Gladiator
Estimated Boost Time 2 Days 3 Days 5-7 Days 7-21 Days 30-45 Days