EU Sire Denathrius Heroic Kill Boost (Europe Region)


Buy Sire Denathrius Heroic Boss Kill Boost to get some cool 220 item level raiding gear, Ahead of the Curve: Sire Denathrius Feats of Strength achievement and other rewards fast and easy. By purchasing the current product you are making a Pre-order. The service will be done during the first week of Castle Nathria Heroic Raid Release. Please note that during first raid week wipes on boss may occur and it may take several hours to kill Sire Denathrius Heroic boss

e.g. Jhon#1234



  • Sire Denathrius Heroic boss kill participating in one of the finest raiding teams out there
  • Chance to get 220 item level loot for your character’s chosen class and spec including Weapon Tokens and socketed items (this service does not include any guaranteed loot drop)
  • Chance to obtain Conduits for your Covenant Soulbinds customization and Memory of the Runecarver recipes to unlock Legendary Powers in Runecarver’s Chamber.
  • Tons of Reservoir Anima for your Covenant Reservoir or buy come cool rewards
  • Raid with Personal Loot (PL) option means that quantity of items you will get fully depends on your luck, which we wish you most of all 🙂


  • 60 Lvl Character on Europe Region.