EU Legion Timewalking Mythic+ Dungeons Boost Carry


Here you can buy Legion Timewalking Mythic+ Dungeons Boost Carry Runs to get the best legion dungeon gear for your character of up to 236 item level and unlock guaranteed rewards in your weekly Great Vault of up to 252 item level

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  • Selected amount of Legion Timewalking Mythic+ Dungeon runs completed on selected Timeworn Keystone level difficulty with one of the best pro boosting teams
  • Chance to get up to 236 ilvl Legion dungeon gear from an end of dungeon chest for each Legion Mythic+ Dungeon completed and guaranteed 226-252 item level item from the Great Vault as your weekly reward* next reset based on the difficulty of Mythic+ Timeworn Keystone you’ve completed:
    *Legion Dungeon gear cannot appear in your weekly Great Vault, there will be item(s) from Shadowlands Mythic plus dungeons loot table

    Difficulty Dungeon ilvl Great Vault Reward ilvl Mythic Rating Points
    Mythic +15 236 252 up to 193
    Mythic +16 236 252 up to 200
    Mythic +17 236 252 up to 207
    Mythic +18 236 252 up to 215
    Mythic +19 236 252 up to 223
    Mythic +20 236 252 up to 230
  • Each Legion Mythic+ dungeon run rewards 135 Valor Points which you can use to upgrade your Legion Mythic+ dungeon gear to up to 246 item level
  • A bunch of  Timewarped Badge for completing every Legion Timewalking Mythic+ run


  • 60 Lvl Character.
  • Login and password in case of account sharing option, your account safety guaranteed.